New contact info

I'm still at the same studio, but I'm changing e-mailadresse and phonenumber to be reached at. Everyone can now reach me at +47 94 49 49 41 or at Tatsbyfifty@gmail.com


Sum new stuff, including two of the baddest band motifs on earth!!

Time for a little update again I guess... Its easy being lazy with the blog... Been alot of coverups lately, sadly I've forgotten prepics on a couple...Well , nuff said... Picturetime


Packing up The studio @ Bikershop

Today is The last official day of work @ the Bikershop location.
Been good times with good people!! Thx to all the guys and customers ( of both shops there) for making it a blast!!
From Tuesday on its back to Heimdal and The rest of the crew :)


Been a while

Well, so I realized yet again that I aint the most active guy online...
Well, here are some new stuff at least.